are our brand.

Guaranteeing the certifications of the products we make is a way of living. For everybody working here, our customer satisfaction is the engine that pushes us forward.

That is why we have developed a system that controls all key processes through which we ensure to deliver products with the highest quality and food safety standards as required by markets internationally. Frugo complies not only with Mexican laws, but also with the relevant regulations of countries we export to such as those from the FDA, USDA and EPA.




Since 2010 we are compliant with all SQF Code Level III requirements, a plan recognized by the Global Initiative for Food Safety that is based on the HACCP system and the principles of Codex Alimentarius.
In our 2015 audit we reached the highest possible score: 100.

USDA Organic

Frugo, committed to the environment and healthier foods, enjoys an organic certification for products such as broccoli, cauliflower and celery.


All our products are Kosher Pareve certified as they are 100% natural and free from animal proteins.


An anti-terrorism and anti-criminal initiative of the United States Customs and Border Protection Service that prompts industry and merchants into taking joint measures to keep commercial shipments free from illegal or undisclosed items such as drugs, weapons, explosives or smuggled money.


Our vegetables are selected and cut based on our customer specifications; they undergo a cleaning and sanitization process after which they are pre-cooked in order to prolong their shelf life for up to 24 months. Finally, they are submitted to Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) which preserves their characteristics in terms of texture, nutrition values and flavor. All our products undergo rigorous Microbiologic and Physicochemical analyses before shipping them to our customers.

Our products do not contain conservatives, added flavors or colors. They are Natural.

All our fields are BUMA (Best Usage and Management of Agrochemicals) certified, (SENASICA certification), authorized by COFEPRIS and the California League, endorsed by the United States EPA.

  • We carry out rigorous microbiological analyses of our irrigation water deposits. We also carry out pesticide residue analyses on our products.
  • Drip irrigation through which fertilizers are sprayed in order to grow strong and healthy vegetables for human consumption.
  • Products are processed within 6-7 hours after being harvested from the field; that is why our products are fresh.
  • Our farmers follow best farming practices throughout all stages of procurement, sowing, harvesting and transportation of our vegetables.
  • The most appropriate seed varieties for the process our customers require.
  • Bajio and northern Guanajuato state region, good lands for agriculture.
  • Suitable weather.